Free Mask Program

FREE MASKS for First Responders
If you are employed in the mission of health and keeping our citizens safe and secure, you qualify for a FREE Cleanxa First Responders Face Mask (available in random colors only). Law enforcement agencies, first responders, nursing home workers and health care workers working on the front lines of our health safety are appreciated and qualify for a free mask/filter.  In an effort to give back to our communities and especially those on the front lines of the current crisis we all face, we are donating these washable/reusable face masks to aid their efforts. Cleanxa has already donated over 1,000 masks to these brave workers.

All we ask is that you tell us your name, your first responder title, and your first responder organization. Then when you ADD THIS TO YOUR SHOPPING CART, the mask is FREE. The only cost you will incur is for shipping. Learn More >

FREE MASKS for BLM Peaceful Protesters
Cleanxa is all about equality and treating all people with the respect and dignity they deserve through peaceful demonstrations. We support change, but ONLY through peaceful protesting as Americans working for a better tomorrow. Cleanxa is pledging to donate $1 million dollars worth of our most comfortable face masks to those working for peaceful changes in our society. By choosing Cleanxa face masks, you not only get a great (and FREE) face mask with protective filter, but you help further the effort we strive for in equality and fairness for all. Simply add our BLM mask to your shopping cart (these are only available in random color choices), and you get ONE FREE mask when you enter the Discount Code : BLACKLIVESMATTER at checkout (you only pay for shipping). Spread the positive word of HOPE and help America heal while being safe.  Learn More >