Creating Jobs

Helping Local Communities by Creating News Jobs and Instilling Optimism for America
In these difficult times the best thing we can do is to all pull together. Millions are out of work and moral can be low, so Cleanxa decided to help make a difference by creating our "MASKS-to-WORK" program.

We have reached out to various local communities and recruited hundreds of families to help in this massive production we are undertaking. Putting families back to work and creating a NEW PRIDE in America was our goal.

We oversee the quality control standards and are continually refining our processes to ensure our masks are among the best constructed in the market. We only use dry-fit fabrics constructed of 80-90% polyester & 10-20% spandex blends that produce a comfortable mask that wicks moisture from your face. All masks have a pocket the holds a 100% polyester fabric filter for extra protection - whereas many masks on the market do not include these features. Be aware of cheaper masks that provide an inferior protection. ALL CLEANXA PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN THE USA!