Cleanxa Educational Videos

Discover the comfort and protection Cleanxa face masks provide.
Cleanxa's polyester/spandex face masks provide the ultimate in comfort while also containing a protective SMS filter that slides into a pocket within the mask for your better health safety in shielding you from fluids, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Listen to Dr. Bijender Kumar as he explains the benefits of these washable and comfortable face masks. And our clear plastic face shields utilize a snap-on visor that clips to a provided pair of acrylic glasses, so you may switch out visors after extensive wear on them.
Cleanxa : Helping get you and your family ready for real life and the 'new norm' we are all face!
As we all get off our couches and get back into the swing of things, Cleanxa is here to assist you in your endeavors. Our dry fit face masks with protective filters and face shields will not only help keep you and your entire family safe, but they are comfortable to wear hour after hour - and all washable and reusable. Part of our mission is also giving back to our 'front line working heroes' by giving thousands of free masks to those risking it all. THANK YOU!
Cleanxa Face Masks with Protective SMS Filters for safety, ultimate comfort and protection
Cleanxa's has produced American-made face masks that include highly protective SMS filters for added protection. They are made of a dry-fit moisture wicking fabric that are simply the most comfortable face masks on the market today as we go back to work for long periods of time wearing these protective masks. Cleanxa face masks are also washable and reusable, while our filters may be hand washed and reused several times and then replaced with one of our filter refill packages.
Functional Face Shields for Everyday use
Cleanxa durable acrylic face shields are designed for everyday living. These face shields can be worn over your existing glasses, but you can use these effectively with Face ID and can also protect your makeup application. The clear plastic visors ship with a protective film on both sides (which needs removed prior to use) to ensure that they arrive scratch free. We also provide extra visors for continued use with the glasses 'frame' that these snap onto. You can even remove these visors and roll fold them up or store them flat when you need to be on the move. These masks will protect your eyes, nose and mouth effectively, and can even be worn over one of our fabric face masks for added protection.
How the Face Shields Work
Cleanxa's American-made face shields provide excellent protection for your eyes, nose and mouth featuring a sturdy Acrylic clear protective shield. Not only can you wear these over your existing glasses, but they are washable and reusable. Extra added protection can be by also wearing one of our protective face masks with SMS filters underneath these face shields. You may also purchase 'clear plastic replacement shields' that snap onto the face shield eye glass frame structure.
Cleanxa : Employing American families to make quality face masks
Cleanxa is not only producing the highest quality face masks, but we are employing local citizens in this effort. Our face masks are made of a dry-fit material that helps wick moisture and utilize protective SMS filters within these masks. These are all washable and reusable and are simply the most comfortable masks on the market today.