Advanced PPP Protective Face Shield

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  • Each pack includes matching acrylic visor glasses with snap on protective clear shields. You may additionally purchase extra shield for use with these resuable face glasses.
  • Glasses support frames come in a variety of colors: Clear, Sky Blue, Lime and Magenta.
  • These sturdy acrylic face shields and visors provide 180-degree protection for your face and eyes for preventing droplets and particles from coming in contact with your face safely.
  • Face shield is constructed of a sturdy acrylic and PET materials, and snaps to a pair of reusable acrylic glasses for fitting your face and even fits over most eyeglasses comfortably.
  • All shields are packaged w/ a protective film on both sides to ensure they are scratch free. This film needs removed prior to usage.
  • These shields are anti-fog by allowing ample space separation between your face and the mask to provide maximum visibility for your job, while protecting your eyes, nose and mouth and eliminating the ability to touch your face.
  • We also sell extra face shield inserts for convenience. These shields and visors are reusable and washable. The shield size is 9.5x7.5” and are thin, flexible and light.
  • Made in America. Shipped from our Indianapolis facility.
NOTICE: Advanced PPP Wholesale makes no claims nor warranties that our face masks or mask filter products prevent illness. They are safe and effective when used and washed and dried properly. These are personal use items and cannot be returned. Copyright ©2020 Advanced PPP Corp. All Rights Reserved.

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