About Us

"Your purchases of all Cleanxa higher hygiene products continue to fuel feeding Indiana families through employment opportunities and also getting FREE MASKS into the brave workers on the front lines of our health and safety!"
Hello, my name is Gurinder Singh “Khalsa.” I have lived in the United States for over 25 years, residing in Fishers, Indiana for the last 12 years. My wife and I decided to create Cleanxa in the wake of our current health crisis by not only creating a line of higher hygiene health products, but as a way to give back to both America's first responders and putting local families back to work. We were deeply saddened when we learned that first responders were using garbage bags and pillow cases for protection and even losing their own lives in the line of duty – and we decided we could make a difference.

Growing up dirt poor in India, I’ve always respected a strong work ethic and others who embrace this mantra. As a practicing Sikh, I’ve always had a deep respect for all, working hard and sharing our successes with others – especially those who are putting their own health at risk for others. And I knew we could make a difference in the lives of others by giving back and remaining positive.

Cleanxa has created several new intiatives to help America's quest to perservere. We first created a program for getting FREE MASKS to those first responders on the front lines (law enforcement, firestations, medics, essential employees, government agencies & health care workers). These people are our true heroes and are risking their own health every day. Please visit our "Free Mask Program" page to learn more and get your own free mask. Cleanxa has already donated thousands masks to these first responders nationwide.

Our second initiative is called the CLEANXA “MASKS-to-WORK” movement. Clenaxa has put hundreds of Indiana families back to work and earn the money they need to survive during these difficult times.  Part of our healing is creating hope, along with jobs (and great products).

We employ stringent quality control standards and feel our product is as well-made as anything on the market today (our masks utilize protective filters), and we are also honored to say ALL Cleanxa products are "Made in the USA".  Cleanxa is proud to be an Indiana-based company with a mission of giving back to our country and embracing all we stand for as Americans. Always remember that your purchases of Cleanxa protective masks/filters and other PPE products are what help make this mission possible.

This year we’re introducing the Hoosier Signh Foundation, a not-for-profit organization which will start raising money and awareness for those families most critically affected by this crisis.Please share our message of love, hope, and fortitude as we endure through these difficult and trying times together.

Almighty Bliss!!!